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  • Hello! I am making a hypercasual game which is very basic but gets somewhat addictive on mobile. I can't think of a theme though, basically a reason for the As and Bs to go in different directions and for bombs to exist. Check out the link and I'd love to hear if you have any thoughts on a theme that may work.

  • Kind of a Timberman clone, not to be judgy.

    I would play more off the bomb aspect, maybe add a timer with a ticking sound effect.

    Needs way less randomisation. You have to get the player used to a pattern, then switch it up.

  • newt

    Thanks! Although the bombs are visual at the moment I have since added a timer. The idea is they count down and you must get rid of the stack quickly or it's game over, it just wasn't implemented yet and I needed to test what amount of time would be reasonable and not annoying for the user.

    I checked out Timberman just now, yeah I'll try not to do anything similar to that. Do you think patterns would work? Memorising patterns seems too easy like you would know what to press and not need to look at what is dropping.

  • Not really a pattern. Higher multiples of the same object rather than seeming to switch back and forth.

  • newt

    Yeah I could look into that if it works. I can do chunks of A and B that have a limit before they switch. Any ideas on theme though? I thought cargo will work and then tried to implement something where you are sending the cargo to spaceships in precise numbers but it all got a little too convoluted for hypercasual.

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  • For a theme: Indiana Jones/archaeologist egypt tomb

    Keep in mind several holidays are coming up, and this would fit.

  • Yeah that could work. I'll have an explorer dude pulling a switch left/right at the top. The middle button can be for rotating blocks at 90 degrees to slot into shapes for treasure.

  • Cool, hope it all goes well.

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