What theme would catch your attention?

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  • What would a game be about if it were to catch your attention and make you think "Yeah, I want to be in on that!"

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  • Well, I'll go first. For me it'd be a game where you grow and sell food and it's not pure fantasy economics - the selling would be close to some sort of real world potential for sales.

    Wrote a simple game like that but I'm not sure it grabs the attention as games where you kill things constantly.

    Perhaps we can make a forum game of this - you describe the theme your game development has and then describe how you think it might not be doing what players might want?

  • For me it's not a thing that doesn't exist, but it's pretty rare ! I'd like a storyline (no game style in paticular) where the player's actions really matter.

    And I don't mean that it would define different endings, but as you progress through the storyline, the environment changes, the npc's reaction's aren't the same, etc.

    It has appeared in recent games (Skyrim, Dishonored, Mass Effect for example) but it's still too rare in my opinion !

  • I want to be a dragon, and feel like a dragon, fly and breathe fire, and i want powerful claws so i can climb mountain and break rocks, and I want roar like a dragon, and I want smoke from my mouth

  • Hi Callan,

    I like to play games in order to disconnect from reality, still pretend I'm part of some world that is close to reality. Meaning, I truly enjoy the games with consequences similarly to what user "Farhal" mentions. However, even though I haven't necessarily played the games he listed, examples of games I love and "want to be in on" are life-like games like Shenmue, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, Detroit (possibly), Yakuza and Until Dawn.

    In other words, life-like consequences that I can experience in games rather than risk in real life

  • The theme that would catch my attention is exploring different worlds as a little creature, while discovering uncountable mysteries and events.

    For example, Kirby and probably PokePark.

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