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  • The game i want i cant seem to get everything i want in it all on the same thought process if that makes sence. Want player,score,player chasing object occationaly getting one that holds extra points, object chasing player, objects needing to dodge,jump,duck, global chat, im trying to show symbolism to a real life problem that starts a problem and each level shows one more step that fixes the problem, can someone point me in a right direction, tried auto and like it but objects behavior is just not clicking in my head.

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  • Im not sure what exactly you are asking, but it seems you want a template with a lot of features. The templates only help you get a head start on your project or teach you a lesson. Don't let that make you give up. Read some tutorials and gain some knowledge. Even if it seems impossible don't give up, before you know it you will be able to make exactly what you want from scratch.

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