Team Z1P UP looking for new members !

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  • Hello , this is Team Z1P UP Founder , we are looking for new members to join the team on making new projects and games , along the way you will learn different types of skills , be able to Communicate well with a team , Design , Model , Sculpt , Audio ETC .

    We are looking for members from different types of skills , Beginner and up , at this moment in time we are making a 3rd person Action game which includes many different things .

    We are all friendly and welcoming all new comers we are hoping to see some of you guys over on our Discord chat which is Professionally made with care and patience and updated ,

    if you have any sorts of questions by any means please contact me on this forum or the Discord chat were you can ask me the Admin or the Mod and we will try to answer all the questions as best as we can .

    Thankyou , Team Z1P UP

    Discord Chat :

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  • What do I need to register and what will I do?

    I'm Brazilian and I can speak only (Portuguese).

  • What do I need to have in particular (sorry for my English I can speak it but I am more French )

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