Team development patterns/practices for C2?

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  • I do initially have the paid Indie "personal" version of C2. For some reason my gold badge isn't displaying. Not sure why but that's a side question...

    I've been developing software on teams, professionally for many years but I have to admit, working with and learning C2 has been both very fun and very challenging in certain ways. The challenging bits for me so far is figuring out how to break up a C2 project for a team using source control.

    I've read a couple articles here and they've got me started thinking, but I believe the project could be broken down a lot further than what I've read so far suggests. As an old school team coder (13 years actually), I'm used to breaking the app functionality out into logical tiers and classes with lots of small focused code files. I feel I can basically do this in C2 by working hard to keep global variables to an absolute minimum, separate my game logical components into many small Event Sheets and use lots of Includes. Am I thinking about this the right way? So my question is: Are you working on a team using C2 and source control (I like Git) and if so how did you break down your code so the team could work effectively and not have to merge conflicting code over and over every day?

    Thanks a lot, lot, lot for your advice! Working in a coding "GUI" like C2 is a totally new experience for me. I'm pretty psyched about learning this tool


  • No one is working on a team using source control?

  • Are there any detailed articles/tutorials on this? I read the basic ones. Was hoping for a few replies from people doing team dev with more details and suggestions.


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  • The most basic trick I can think of to avoid conflicts is to have programmers prefix their objects/variables with their initials.

  • I'm using git for dev with c2, and it's been an bumpy experience.

    Biggest problem is here as a bug report, and is main cause for never-ending conflicts:


    I don't mind so much the conflicts, but it's rather difficult to resolve them beacuse a single change in editor can change the projcet code on multiple places. Proper diff tool designed for c2 would be of great help, i'm currently using kdiff3 and it's not intended to use with C2-like projects and sometimes it's rather difficult to solve conflicts.

    Except team communication who's doing what, and separating all logic on multiple event sheets (and including them as necessary) so devs don't step on each others toes i have not found a good solution, but it's manageable (sort of). I tend to create the whole project structure with all of the event sheets created but empty, and hope for the best.

    There's also a tutorial from ashley on working with svn and is a good source of info, but does not touch the conflict problem. ... svn/page-1

    Unfortunately, this is my main problem with c2, makes working in teams rather difficult, and i do believe it will be hard ( if not impossible ) to fix. Fix would probably need to change the .xml files structure (and subsequently change some code in the editor, and ashley already stated it's hard to change editor code). It makes me kinda sad.

  • Elliott The initials prefix is clever. I hadn't thought of that. I think we'll use that.

    JohnnySheffield I guess that's kinda what I was expecting for a reply. I'll see if we can carefully group logic into lots of ES's and use includes. Then make sure we communicate who's working what file with great detail and frequency. Sounds like this is going to be difficult

    Thanks a lot guys for helping and I suppose, confirming, what I was afraid of

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