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  • Hey guys, I've been working on my game pretty steadily over the past few weeks and I'm hitting a little creative slump when it comes to how to represent action points in game. I'm trying to use symbols for as much stuff as I can so it sticks in the mind better and translates into other languages easier.

    So I get to action points, which in my game are used to either move or attack, and ranging from 1-4 per character per turn. Most will have 2. The game is a turn-based fantasy rpg using a hex grid.

    At first I wanted to go with the hourglass. It has a strong, unique shape and is immediately recognizable and fits the theme of the game (magical fantasy). The problem is that hourglasses are almost always used in modern tech to symbolize the delay of time as opposed to the usage of time; that is to say inaction rather than action. So I'm wanting to replace those with something else.

    Any other ideas? Some kind of fire? Ring of fire maybe? Small flame? A dagger? Arrow? Something that resembles an asterisk? Plus sign or cross? Star? Bell? A simple curved horn? Something with a hex around it?

  • Perhaps you could symbolize the character in a simple way (stickman) with some kind of lines behind it (like how movement is symbolized in comics) ?

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  • Hey, thanks for the reply. That's a pretty good idea but is very similar to my icon for Charisma (stick figure radiating lines).

    Every spend some time writing a question out, and then the process of doing that helps to solidify a direction to go? That's what happened here and I ended up going with a small, basic hexagon to symbolize action on the grid.

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