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  • hi guys! please help me construct a code for taking turns in hitting the stick on the "outskirtbattle" layout. although i dont have my sprites for the battle, the mechanics should be like this:

    player taps the button on the lower right to make the sprite hit the stick resting on the stone. then taps it again to hit the stick while it's in the air. (like baseball). then the player must bring back the stick to the starting point to make the score and damage the enemy health. (i was planning on rapidly tapping the button to make the player run to the base, if the player stops tapping, the "lung bar" depletes quickly.)

    the player and enemy AI take turns. the one who makes the other player's health go down wins.

    i forgot to attach the .capx on the previous post.

    i have trouble explaining the mechanics. sorry. i can do it well in Tagalog.

    i'll be working on the game art so please bear with what i have.

    here's what i have so far:

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