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  • Hey guys,

    i've come to a point in my project where i seriously need to start planning the story and how the "levels" are build up and what happens in them etc.

    This is my first big game and i have really no experience on how to handle a larger game with story so far.

    I ofcourse have my rough vision in my head but i need to put it down in some structured manner so i can keep track of what to do next.

    The engine is mostly done and i add new stuff as needed so i can focus on fleshing out the gameworld etc. now.

    How do you guys handle this?

    Write it all down on paper? Make a huge word / excel document?

    Or is there even a special software for stuff like this?


  • Pc is great editing tool. But creativity wise it is a slog. I'm finding only two exceptions from this rule : using drawing tablet or keys with synth sampler.

    So do it all on paper. The advantage of that is that you can write, sketch, make notes on a side instantly. No need for wasting time on thinking about moving your hand on to the mouse, selecting right tools, moving hand back etc. And it's more intimate. You can really dive in to your own imagination. Pc's are distracting. Once what you see on paper is more or less what you see in your mind, you go on to pc and start "porting it" it. In my case works almost in an instance, because the moment i sit down to bring something i did on to the pc, i already know almost all of steps i will make. I even plan codes logic on paper.

  • thanks, i'll try this out and see how it works for me

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  • I bought Frameforge previz Studio in order to speed up pre-production for a few film making projects I've been working on, and I fell in love with it! It's so easy to use and has everything I need to get my thoughts down and share with others. I'm not really into the expensive, fancy equipment and such, but Frameforge previz Studio is professional-quality software without the super-complicated features or budget-breaking cost. This software is the best investment I've made for my films and it's awesome because I can use it for projects other than storyboarding because it's so adaptable and has so much content. I especially appreciate how easy it was to get started and also being able to import my own digital photos. Frameforge previz Studio has more than paid itself off in my opinion!

  • Check out Articy: Draft SE. I noticed it a while back on Steam. It cost a little over a $100 if you don't mind spending the money. If anyone has tried it, would be nice to hear some feedback.

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