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  • So I am making a game where you need to shoot enemies before they reach the end of the screen and I want to be able to have a store and have the player be able to access it anytime they want. I made the store a different layout and when the hit 's' the game will change to the store layout. The only problem is when they go back to the game all the monsters disappear. They start spawning again but I want them to stay in their positions when a player goes to the store.

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  • You need to store the number of enemies as well as their position at the moment you switch to the shop layout (in an array for example), and add a "loading" of those positions in the "Start of layout" of the "game" layout.

    You can find an example of such a shop in the tutorial section of the website.

  • Also another option.

    Create HUD like layer called SHOP. The layer is hidden by default.

    When the player opens the shop.

    Set timescale to 0 to pause the game.

    Show layer "SHOP"

    on close of shop

    hide layer "SHOP"

    timescale 1

    There might be some trouble with it, but it saves effort in regards to enemy positions and states.... if you go with the prior poster. There is a plugin called Spritebank. Which I think will do what you want.

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