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  • Hey guys, does anyone of you tested Spriter?

    I downloaded the 1rb version, and it looks nice, it works fluently but I dont know why I prefer tu make my animations with Adobe Fireworks.

    I'm thinking in make a comparison of this two tools and post it on tutorials.

    What software are you using for create your animations?

    Maybe I can include it on the comparison.

    If you are interested on read something about this topic, please let me know!!!


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  • I'm using GraphicsGale, and I really like it.

    But I have a question about spriter, how does one implement Spriter into C2, anyway? Using the pin behavior?

  • Well as far as I know, Spriter will be part or will launch a special version for Construct2 as soon as lucid and Ashley finish the implementation, meanwhile Spriter exports individual image frames of an animation in png format that you can add into your project.

    I suppose you want to use the pin behaviour for animate different parts separately and join them after, That's right?

  • To clarify a few things, the point to Spriter is its specifically for making animations for games. This will overlap into game related data such as triggering variable changes, sound effects, placing collision rectangles,image points etc.. all at any key frame(s) in a very natural and visual manner. (once these features are implimented). The other hugely important point to Spriter is it can save out actual animation data, which can then be used in a game engine to recreate the tweened animations using just a tiny bit of data and the original "body part" images. This can save insane amounts of file space and ram, allowing you to fit drastically more animations (and all perfectly smooth and tweened) as compared to using full frame sprite sheets etc.

    There will also be a super easy "character map" system, which will allow you to swap out images with other images on the fly, to super easily and efficiently create character variations (like changes in weapons and armor etc.) at runtime in your game.

    Of course, to do this, you need a plug-in for your game authoring system of choice (mine being Construct 2!) to allow for the actual replay of Spriter animation files.

    One such plug-in is being worked on For C2! Edgar will post about that shortly!

    One last note. Spriter is still very early in its development so its useability will be getting drastically improved over the next several weeks. If theres a feature you really want to see implimented or changed, please let us know in our forums at http://www.brashmonkey.com/forum


    Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Thanks for the clarification Mike!!!

  • Direct from Edgar's (Lucid) twitter account:

    Spriter WIP plugin for Scirra #construct2 (https://dl.dropbox.com/u/1013446/SpriterReleases/plugintest/index.html) - this is just html5 canvas mode, perf will be even better w/webGL

  • I'm serioulsly looking forward to this. I can barely draw let alone draw the same object more than once and in a new frame :

    Glad I purchased a copy to show my support and best of all I'm glad to hear that a C2 plugin is indeed being worked on. There seems to be no such signs on the actual brashmonkey website.

  • You'll hear it here first, and soon ;) As the plug-ins get a little more developed we'll list them directly at BrashMonkey.com. The whole website is getting overhauled atm as well, so we're not up-keeping the current one very much.

  • , it is always great to get these updates and I can already see a huge improvement in the UI of the software since purchasing it about six weeks ago, thanks.

  • I cant wait to start using it as well. I like creating animations the old fashioned way but this is going to save us so much time.

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