What sprite and resolution size do you use?

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  • I'm making a top down shooter and wondering what resolution and sprite size everyone else uses. Mine is currently 640x480 and my main player is 30x30

  • This is an interesting discussion. It really should come down to your target platform. If you only want mobile then try to spec a format that works well in that resolution. Somewhere floating around this forum someone posted an infographic on native resolutions for all major cell phones. Drat.. I cant seem to find it. Interestingly I started working on my game assests so long ago that 800x600 was my target resolution.... no one uses that anymore. Try to factor in the future too @ Are you going to be using a grid / tile-set design? If so you might want to ensure the tile size is divisible by the resolution to a whole number. Some topdown shooters use a longer Y axis than X axis if I remember right.

    Sorry I'm not much help but maybe there are some good ideas to get you thinking.

  • I learned the target platform lesson the hard way and ended up having to scale a larger project down (playing around with 1136x640 for iPhone 5 and then scaling down to 800 max width for Scirra arcade). Not a big deal for simple projects but could be hard with a more complex game. The best advice in addition to choosing a target platform before hand is to target a specific aspect ratio (see Ashley's "Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes" tutorial). That way the game can scale predictably on a number of different platforms. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Also Gillis your Greenlight project looks awesome...a thumbs up from me!

  • I mostly use 800x600 . why? dunno actually I just use it!

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  • For Android games, I were used 1280x800 for a partial screen support to all newer Android devices, just like I use in my Android games. For PC games, I used a full HD (1080p) or 720p resolution to fit all newer screens.

  • I mostly used 800*600, but you may use some larger also.

  • The window size parameter won't affect quality unless you have the low quality option setted, so it is more a convenience and aspect ratio base rather than a huge decision (assets will define the quality by themselves, so you should worry about them). 800x600 is fine for html5 portals too since they will use the window size as the setted window size on said portal (which bothers me when your game can scale up and down)

    And even with a chosen aspect ratio, it is best to ensure your game adapts to other display (which is not as difficult as some think, it all depends on the game, some will be sorted with a simple scale outer + unbounded scrolling + anchor behavior on hud and menus elements, other will have to be rzplaced with the event sheet.), it is just something you have to prepare for beforehand (I remember a project where someone hard coded every position with direct numbers like 800 rather than relative positions of the borders, in retrospect it was a real mess to work with this code anyway, if you want to target multiple screen size, try to see when something has to be placed relative to a corner or a border of the screen or not, that will be at least the first step)

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