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  • I have been thinking recently about a game which has a split screen view. This would have a top down view on one side and a side view on the other.

    It wont be any easy task i shouldnt imagine but i am sure it will allow the introduction of some interesting game mechanics / puzzles.

    Any one have any thoughts or have you seen something similar. I cant bring anything to mind but i am sure they exist

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  • Just some random thoughts..

    We can only pay full attention to one thing at a time. So the gameplay would probably have to rely on the switching the player's focus from one view to another at strategic times.

    Also the controls might conflict between the two view types if trying to use them simultaneously so would have to consider that.

    I can imagine the player navigating in the top down view as 'normal' (thinking of an exploration game here), then in certain areas it would require the player to navigate through that area via the side view for a bit (staying on the same 'tile' in the top view), until they 'get through' that area and move on again with the top view. However this treats the views as almost separate games..

    It could be a puzzler mechanic, in which case there might be more scope for using the views 'simultaneously'.

    Doing a quick prototype would probably get the ideas flowing

  • codah

    Yes i agree , the focus shifting and control might make it difficult to create a fast flowing game. I do think it would be more of a puzzler type game but i am not sure whether the effort involved could produce puzzles interesting enough for it to work.

    Also i am pretty sure the levels would have to be totally hand built opposed to any sort of procedural approach. A prototype would indeed help

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