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  • I have an idea to make a game with elements from Starbound, Captain forever, and simple rockets

    (google them)

    What I know how to do and would like to do:

    -weapons, auto turrets, npc's yada yada

    -all gas planets and stars are preset sizes and models to save time and effort.

    -360* platform movement on a planetary type surface with gravity, atmosphere, other planets, sun ect.

    -Character movement, random NPC spawning mining resources from the world using "factories" that are placed.

    or in space using a mining part on your ship if you put one there.

    -factories placed on solid body of planet generate resources that can be collected

    -factories are "glued" to planet surface and cannot be moved once placed, only taken out.


    -Writing music, sfx, menus, effects, tiles, UI, health, resources(for building stuff) graphics ect.

    -all the parts from the editor are solid, affected by gravity, breakable from weapon shots

    -planets in the solar system would follow a specified path in a circle around the "star" being simulating orbits but aren't actually using gravity, rather following a path.

    -planet surfaces would be in a similar fashion to those of "simple rockets" game. (google it) not being blocky but rather being flat surfaces

    -Switch from EVA to spaceship

    -temperature, oxygen, "supplies" (food/water) limited and slowly run out when not in contact with an "inifinite source" such as a planets atmosphere for oxygen, body of water for H20 or killing certain npc's for food.

    -home planet type system where you can "research new parts" as you complete acheivements. share your built vehicles.

    -being too close to a star or high speed in an atmosphere causes "temperature" to increase.

    -parts whose limits are exceeded (temperature limit, damage limit) are destroyed

    -when vehicle is spawned, a given button would activate certain parts such as thrusters or RCS regardless of

    where they may be on the ship

    -ship stats are a total of the stats of all connected parts.

    -individual parts are subject to limits and break when those limits are exceeded.

    -when building the ship, resources are used every time you build a part for the ship,

    -construction takes place in a separate layout and can be saved/loaded from files

    What I don't know how to do yet:

    -light coming from the sun, or if on the dark side of a planet, from a flashlight of sorts

    -Spawning the creation in the game world from a drop down menu of sorts.

    -camera rotates depending on how character is rotated (ie planet is round so the camera rotates as you go around the whole planet so you have the feel that your right side up regardless of actual position on the planet or in space.

    -parts are breakable from "hard" collisions but soft bumps don't break them

    -in MP, players can be in each others ships or not depending on server rules.

    -dedicated server hosting (players can do this not me) and server commands such as kick, and booleans for rules.

    -parts are "glued" together when object spawned and only break apart if connecting pieces are destroyed.

    -only parts connected to your ship can be controlled

    -inertia and parts broken off would set the ship "off balanced"

    -some objects could float in a body of water but others cannot (buoyancy)

    -some objects are heavier than others

    -each solar system is generated procedurally before entering, exiting solar system generates another system that you then enter. Generated being the type of planets (dessert, rock, living, magma, ice, ect.)

    -solid planets are generated (IE. planets start as perfectly round, but then generate craters, bodies of water, simple properties such as gravity amount, size of planet, atmosphere(y/n) surface temperature, and atmospheric drag?)

    -Game saving and loading

    -Node based ship construction.

    -player chooses where they get in ship (IE a turret, passenger station, pilot seat. They may switch "places" any time.

    as long as another player is not already there

    my questions:

    • if you read all my ideas, what would be possible, and if you know or have an idea, how would I go about doing the possible for what I don't know? I know atleast a good amount is possible so don't say (drop the idea it's not gonna work) because even if I cant do a good portion of what I want, i'll still make the game
    • who would like to help with constructing the game? (you will be given credit for development)
    • yes i know this would take a while to develop, my question. Can HTML5 handle this? or would I have to cut out features? which ones?
    • How would I go about planet generation, and is it even possible?
    • What's the best way of making *Water*? is there a liquid type object I can put in C2 via addon? or would it have to be just a bunch of tiles and events that make it like water?
    • Any other ideas for the game?
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  • An update - this is a side scrolling type game, not topdown

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