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  • Hail to you all!

    I'm planning on creating a universe full with the good stuff, star systems, star ships, planets, aliens, the whole lot. I'm not going to bore you all to death with a gigantic wall of text, instead I'm going to throw you head first into my idea.

    You're a character existing in an alternate reality of where you awake in your cryopod during a cargo run on a colossal freighter. Events will happen, it will test your whit and skills forever altering your characters journey.

    Inspired by Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Alien Isolation, Deadspace and Rimworld. You will be able to build bases, ships, complete missions, explore planets and destroy hostiles. You will awake in prison in a star system far away to cruising in a Destroyer class ship inbound to the planet Garth? to rescue Queen Barth? in the Farth Star System?

    Well, you have it. Please give me some feedback, I'll need it.

    PS, it's going to be designed for Android & iOS but built on Windows.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Sounds like awsome idea, maybe make it for PC first and then android. Or you already sure you can pull it off and complete it?

  • You just reminded me of an old space game that I think was on the Amiga. You travelled around space, meeting aliens and learning how to communicate, trade and fight them. You had a crew with various skills and you could hire/fire crew at the space station. You could land on planets and collect 'resources' by shooting them and some resources tried to 'collect' you. Along with being a shooter game it posed a moral dilemma. Near the end of the game you discover a planet that's utterly loaded with the rare resource you've been using to fuel your ship. And shortly after that, you discover that this fuel is actually a sentient life form that has a much, much longer life span that you and as a result, moves at a much, much slower pace, making it appear inanimate.

    Now keep in mind, I haven't seen that game in 30 odd years but that simple moral question it posed... well I still remember it.


    Found it!

    *another edit

    Lol, and apparently you can still play it here:

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