can a sonic the hedgehog game be fun without fast speeds.

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  • Since Im unable to make those sonic games with the momentum and loops and whatnot, I'd like to know if you guys would still enjoy a sonic game that didn't have all those classic goods.

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  • I'd give it a try, being a avid Sonic fan myself

    Could I ask, how come you are unable to make momentum and loops?

  • I don't know the math or how to do it in construct 2.

  • Well, we're talking about a scrolling platformer; the main difference between Sonic and the vast majority of platformers, is the speed. It's a very essential game mechanic, meant to combine "chaotic" and "lucky" elements, with skills and "know-how", to provide fun. The placement and types of powerups, obstacles etc. all evolves around this game mechanic.

    To make a good non-fast platformer is of course possible, but everythink will have to be rethought; what will the new challenges be etc. - and I'd maybe look at classics such as Super Mario for inspiration here.

    Btw. - if you can make a slow platformer, you can make a fast one too - in Construct 2, it's simply a matter of putting a multiplying factor on your movement speed. BUT some performance issues may arise when the speed is increased by so much.

  • Honestly, I think it would be very hard. I still remember the days as a young boy playing Sonic. The thing that made it so addictive was the heart racing when you hit high speed and was struggling to get a grip of where you are heading and what is in front of you. That's just my humble opinion though.

  • Sonic is more looking fast than it really is (for the early ones at least), I think the ball-type-logic was more used than the speed itself.

  • I recommend checking this thread out:

    The thread contains a .capx of an engine from MMF2 that somebody created (Made by Damizean if I'm not mistaken), that Candescence ported over to C2, but it had performance issues, but shows that a Sonic game with loops and momentum is possible. You will just have to use all your optimising know-how and make it from scratch. You could look into the .capx and dissect it, turn parts on and off and figure out how it works, then you could begin making your very own engine!

    OR , You could use the built in platform behaviour to make a basic momentum/physics engine. It's quite simple and doesn't involve nearly as much math and collision detection as making it from scratch. If you know how to figure out the angle of the ground below, you could make the platform behaviour "Set angle of gravity" to the grounds angle, which would make you stick to the ground no matter what angle

    I would go into this more but man there's so much to talk about, I highly recommend checking out the .capx above and observing and changing it around to see how it works.

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