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  • I decided to make an Undertale fight, but Sans has been replaced with a star nosed mole and the attacks are going to be different animals attacks (mantis shrimp, bombardier beetle, bullet ant, etc) I am trying to make this a game, but I am not that good with coding, I am trying to make 24 different animal attacks, and I could not find anything online about making a Sans fight on Editor Construct 3. Any help would be nice since I am a 14 year old boy who is trying to be a zoologist. Story: same as Undertale but it is not humans and monsters who went to war, it was humans and animals. If you do genocide, than Snubs tries to defeat the evil "poacher" and he is not alone, he has assembled a few animals to avenge the fallen. Please inform me if you have any ideas for animal attacks and/ or dialogue or other things. The animal attacks are

    mantis shrimps,

    a tentacled snake,

    a velvet worm,

    a few dung beetles (the strongest animal in terms of body weight),

    a type of mite that is the fastest animal in terms of body lengths per second,

    a dracula ant and trap jaw ant (the two creatures that strike faster than the mantis shrimp)

    a pistol shrimp and goby,

    a bombardier beetle,

    an electric eel,

    an ant lion,

    a colony of bullet ants,

    a male platypus (because they are the only ones that sting and it is the most painful sting in the world, not even morphine can stop the pain and it lasts for months),

    an axolotl just to rub in the fact that the player is in agony from the bullet ant and platypus,

    a swarm of christmas island red crabs,

    a darwin's bark spider,

    a blue ringed octopus,

    a tarantula hawk,

    a lammergeier,

    a few limpets,

    a planarian flatworm that everytime you touch it, it gets cut in half and each half turns into a new flatworm,

    a saltwater crocodile,

    a few water bears,

    a few alpine ibexes,

    and a dragon fish

    edit: a bunch of these animals I have listed have been removed and then replaced, like the saltwater crocodile being replaced by a darwin ground finch since it is has one of if not the strongest bite force for its size.

  • Its a great idea no doubt

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  • I am also thinking that maybe I should replace one of the attacks with a sea cucumber since it is able to liquify itself and spit out its poisonous internal organs at predators, so should I replace an attack and if so, which one?

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