Smartfox Servers, and some help

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  • Could somebody give me a short introduction to / assessment of the handling of Smartfox servers?

    Like I mentioned in my post, I’m searching for a central server solution for an online browser game.

    When searching terms like “Browser Game”, “Game Development” or “Gameserver Engine” I’ve come across SmartFox servers (LINK).

    Does a browser game even require a server engine or do you have any other suggestions?

  • We use Amazon Web Services virtual servers and then install Apache Web Server to distribute our html files.

  • Hi gumshoe2029,

    thanks a lot for your answer. However, I’m searching solutions for a Multiplayer Browser Game that is server based. The export of a single-player game or the presentation via webserver are not my problems.

    Like I mentioned in my article, I’m searching for a backend service.

  • RIght. You can do more than just distribute HTML files. We have an entire backend Java servlet system running. Around 20,000 lines of server-side code right now.

    SmartFox is an option, but I prefer AWS because they offer us more capability than SF.

  • My main problem in Post: ""


    after I was searching for a while the forum and couldn’t find any solution for my problem, I’ll just ask my question here.

    I’ve started to design a browser game, beginning with some mind storming and working on paper. In the process I encountered a new problem I wasn’t thinking of before. The server.

    So far, I haven’t figured out any approach to handle the actions of all players on one server.

    In a single player game, it would suffice to read or write distinct data online of a SQL server.

    But how can I make global actions possible?

    The original idea was that some actions of the users were to be executed at 5 minute intervals, e.g. resource allocation.

    Of course, all actions should be continued while the user is offline.

  • Yea, what you are asking is called "maintaining game state."

    How we do this is with Java servlets that all operate on the basis of one database that maintains all of the game state. From here our API program dips into the database and gives information to each client.

  • So I just need an Apache webserver, a SQL server and I had to learn the basics of JavaScript?

    Do you know any tutorial I could use for a start? I have difficulties to find a good approach.

    Thank you very much gumshoe2029 for your help!

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  • You may potentially need a backend programming language too, like PHP, Python, or Java. Something for Construct to talk to.

    If you are hell-bent on connecting to a database using JavaScript, it is possible but not recommended. ... he-browser

    PHP is by far the easiest server-side language to learn though and Google has tons of resources. ... e+tutorial

  • Thanks

    The easiest way for simple applications is a separate SQL Server and PHP with AJAX. I will try that.

    Does anyone have suggestions and tips, Backend service is absolutely new territory.

  • Make sure you implement object oriented principles in your code. Otherwise you will end up with a tightly integrated system with unmaintainable code and where bugs propagate wildly through your code. ... rogramming

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