can site/game like this be made with construct2?

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  • Hey guys,

    Im new in construct waters, I would like to recreate this site/game , I was wondering if it is possible to create it in construct2, and if yes, where can I find some freelancers? I would use my own content, but system would be similar to this one.



  • if you put the time in and you have time to stay and develop it at that quality level yes, but its not going to magically make it by itself.

  • We built our website in C2, but it has some odd side-effects like undoing the MVC development model and makes pagination difficult.

  • I wouldn't say it would be real difficult. We just don't have many existing plugs, etc for that kind of thing.

    On the other hand you get to implement it however you like, which offers much more control.

  • Thanks guys!

  • You can't make a forum using C2, but you can make a portal or an interactive site with it, and its the best tool around for this kind of stuff.

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  • X3M, that's wrong. You can easily make a forum using C2, Ajax, and PHP.

    You can even make the server side code rather easily in C2 using these plugins and exporting to Node Webkit.

  • I think he means no one's going to make a forum with it since that would be about as drawn out as trying to make a native exporter for C2.

    You really wouldn't need php either, just a good database.

  • You can do anything with C2 because you can implement your own plugins.

    So everything is possible, i've already done two plugins for my own needs.

    But think about something : doing a website with C2 is not bot-readable so your pagerank on search engine will be super low.

    But it will be cool for user experience. It was already the problem with Flash websites, the problem is still not solved even if you do your site with an HTML5 tech.

    Your website have to be filled with structured text content.

    Now to answer the first question, yes, this game can be easily made with C2, most of the effets are already inside the software, you will need great artists but it's doable.

  • But think about something : doing a website with C2 is not bot-readable so your pagerank on search engine will be super low.

    ea, this is another oddity that I have found too.

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