Single player game that uses computer's real time

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  • Hi all,

    I'm currently tinkering around Construct 2 (haven't started making a game yet) and wondering if there is a possibility to make a game that fetches time data from the player's OS and use it for the game directly?

    By this I mean:

    1) Time does not only start when the game starts

    2) When the game is started, it fetches time from the OS, and converts it into ingame season. For example, 12PM is noon. 12AM is winter and 6PM is Autumn.

    3) Although the time in the game stops when the game is closed, since it fetches time from the OS directly, it feels as if the game itself runs in the background.

    4) Example: player closes the game at 11AM, which is summer in the game. He then returns to play the game at 8PM which is autumn in the game.

    Is there a function for this in construct 2? Or if there's none, is there a method to do it? Please take note that I'm still new to programming. So it's better to explain it to me as if I'm a dummy. Thanks in advance.

    Err, guess I posted this in the wrong place. I thought I've read everything. Sorry.

  • I use Rex's date plugin: here for this time of stuff. It works great!

  • Oh, this looks good. Thanks for suggesting it. I'll have a look. Does it have any usage manual?

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  • That link IS the manual.

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