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  • Finishing up my second game now ive learned some things. Ive learned to k.i.s.s. Keeping it super simple. The simplest ideas tend to be the ones that actually work. I still have a lot to learn though. There are limitless possibilities as far as game ideas. The good ideas tend to come at random moments when your not even trying.

            Sometimes i get designers block and can't tend to think of a good idea. At that point I pull from other games to get the juices flowing. I Still have a lot to learn about game design and productivity.

    How do you guys plan a game?

    What inspires you?

  • K.I.S.S. is a good moto, as well as "Is this meaningful, does it make sense in the context of this game".

    For example if I'm making a snake game, what will the snake eat, is it apples ? snakes don't eat apples, they eat mice and here you go, switching the design from "random bonus item that your character has to overlap" to "something irl snake do eat to survive".

    It helps giving consistency and context and may engage the player more easily/naturaly.

  • My game AirScape was planned quite... interestingly... I wouldn't exactly advise this method...

    I wanted to do a platformer, then I thought it would be cool to have it gravity shifting.

    Then I decided simple foresty theme would be the most effective for my meager art skills.

    I decided robot enemies for the same reason.

    I couldn't come up with a character for ages. I chose a dumbo octopus after ages of really random possibilities.

  • It's easy to just add more and more to your game but it isn't nearly as rewarding or challenging as fully exploring basic mechanics & ideas and setting limitations for yourself. On the flip side, if your game is too simple and basic then people might find it boring and/or lacking. You will, atleast; you play-test it hundreds if not thousands of times.

    As far as planning, I usually start exclusively with gameplay and build everything else around it, but it's hard to work on a game when there is little story and no attachment to the characters. Lately I've started with characters and story first, then moved on to gameplay and such. There is far more planning involved that way, so you won't get instant results, but I've found it to work well in the end.

    What inspires me? Hm..seeing other games and wanting to do better! And music. My games' music is often the first thing I physically work on; it helps me envision what the rest of the game will look and feel like.

  • Tokinsom i see what you mean. Story truly is important. The first game i made was built on a story board. But the game play was too simple. My second game has good mechanics but no story. There needs to be a middle point for both i think. My solution for my second game will just be a short text intro in the beginning describing the situation. Then fade to black. Constructs 10 megabyte rule has kinda stunted the growth of my games. Then again it also helped me plan and work more effectively.

    Sqidster i also try to work around the artsy part of game design. I figured if i can make a game fun i can skimp on art. But just a little. I would have to channel all the knowledge i have to make the best art i possibly can. In the game im working on i used 3D techniques mixed with simple 2D box art. For my third game i will try and make an art style that is simple yet unique.

  • I've always know k.i.s.s as "keep it simple, stupid". lol

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  • i rather not call myself stupid XD. Don't wanna speak that into my life. Keep it super simple is more creative imo.

  • Wikipedia: 'KISS is an acronym for the design principle articulated by Kelly Johnson, Keep it simple, Stupid!. Variations include "keep it short and simple", "keep it simple sir", "keep it simple or be stupid", "keep it simple and straightforward" or "keep it simple and sincere."'

    But in any case, I prefer Einstein's "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." For 'Things', substitute 'Games'.

    'Keep it super simple' would seem to push simplicity beyond the point of true usefulness.

  • I somewhat disagree. Super simplicity can be as useful as one likes. The only restrictions one has is in his/her mind.

  • ^ Spam? I just can't tell anymore, everyone's getting craftier!

    Well, now the spam is gone, this post just looks silly

  • yup. One aspect of game design is making something cool with extremely limited circumstances.

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