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    Well first off im a rookie with this program, went through the "Asteriods" tutorial, as well as downloaded a free premade games with abit more advanced coding to use as a template and training wheels im attempting to expand and learn from the existing code.

    I dont want to throw all my ideas out but here is some basic intel

    My Idea

    I have been a fan of an existing MMO called Dark Orbit

    For quite some time now i have wanted to make my own mmo based on the basic game-play style of DO. Perhaps with some similar elements. But the only downside, i dont have the time to learn coding at this level with my current job, side job, and other side job its getting a little tough to juggle everything.

    Here is the generals i would like to see provided. Please let me know if you can do ALL these, as well as partnering up to help this game and project grow. What you see below is some simple starter elements im hoping to see

    • 2 real players teams (Just need 1 for right now)

    • 2 different ships per team (starter ship, as well as an advanced ship the player can buy. I am working on designing these)

    • 3 forms of NPC (each will allow users to earn currency)

    • 3 forms of ammunition (basic ammo will be free, ammo 2 & 3 players will use in game currency to buy ammo #3 will be a premium purchase product, type 3 will not be added just yet.)

    • 1 fairly large map (for now), each faction will spawn up in a separate location upon login

    • in game hangar, players will be able to buy more ammo, new ship, by flying here,

    • At least 2-3 quests per faction, these can always be added later on

    • Ability for users to login/register (Nothing too advanced right now, just require them to create a username and password) without providing email address -- This can always be added later as well

    • Show username under their character (Added later on.)

    • Add experience points per kill a player successfully accomplished

    I dont want anything too advanced right now, id like to take small steps and see how well it plays out.

    Any questions or concerns about this please feel free to let me know.

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  • BUMP

    Just made a few edits to the OP. simplified it a little bit, i do plan on expanding on this project, not just a 1 time gig.

  • Are you mainly looking for a team or? If so might want to post it into the Team Requests page.

    One thing I've seen people tell others is start with Single-player games then work yourself into the MMO style. Making the single player ones will help you get a feel of the program, different tricks with it, and different ways to do certain things with it.

    Perhaps start with the basics of the game being a single player with the enemy being an AI. Then later swap that AI to a player or add in an opposing faction to the original player leaving the AI there as well. So then you have 1 NPC Faction and 2 Rival Player factions that could then all 3 fight each other in the end.

  • Right now im just looking for 1-2 people to assist in the construction of this game, currently unpaid even for me.

    I downloaded a users game build in hopes to find time to check out the code and how it all works but sad to say i don't have the time at least right now anyways.

    As I mentioned above my game idea is based off of a game i have been playing (lucky to get 30mins of play in these days). The concept is to construct a game similar to it, but an entire new look and features. A game that the players actually have input in and are given credit for their ideas and art work that are used. Providing both free and premium based items.

    I have come up with some AI ship designs which are version one and still need some work. I think right now my big concern is to provide this as a sort of game that once logged in for the first time, you have X amount of quests to kill X amount of AI in a free roam

    I actually have most of the game idea mapped out in my head right now, just dont personally have the time or knowledge to make it happen by doing it all my self.

    Is it possible to get a SCIRRA STAFF to move this thread?

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