How do you to sell your game?

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  • Hello!

    I'm currently trying to figure out what is the best type of company to establish in order to sell games and assets trough different online stores, like Scirra brand new tool shop,, kongregate ect ect...

    Because I don't really get the point of the personal editor option? Don't you have to declare incomes at some points? Maybe if you only ask for bitcoins and go trough Paypal? But that's not where I want to head to.

    So, if any of you happen to have been trough the process of starting a start-up in the US or somewhere else ( I'm sure the difference are mostly taxes % and licences fees) please let me know. We could even start a full forum part about start-up tricks and tips.

    Thanks you all for your help and time!

  • If you have super game, joining big games studios will help you alot, they will make the advertise for the game.

    This what i believe the best and easy way.

  • I'd have to say diversify. Use as many places as possible and aim for as many platforms as feasible. Of course, I say this without knowing your long term goals. I tend to follow the philosophy of not sticking all of your eggs in one basket. You can always pivot later as you have more data to make better decisions.

  • Try FGL or any other HTML5 marketplace, you'll be able to sell the game to a sponsor and go from there.

  • FGl also gives great feedback from developers on your games way more than than on other plattforms

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  • did anyone of you sell a game through the normal fgl marketplace?

  • I have.

  • alvarop

    can you tell me more?

    what game and how many times did you close a deal?

    do you have your games also in the new html5 gameshop and did you make a sell there ?

    and if this question is allowed for how much did you sell?

    i only made one sell to this moment but with direct contacting publishers, not on FGL, but i only have my games on the new marketplace, i think i should bring them to the normal marketplace also!

  • I have.

    you have how? we'd like to hear more if possible.

  • Hey guys!

    Well, my question was more about fiscal and legal status and company registration.

    Since I live in the US now, I'm thinking of creating a sole proprietorship, that will allow me to declare my games incomes over my regular personal incomes... I got a nice book about how to create a company in the US, and I'm just waiting for my final visa papers to register mine.

    I see a lot of people talking about making "money" with their games, but none talks about creating a start-up studio, and trademarking a logo/name/website. I think that since Construct2 is a all game making tool, it should be mentioned that at one point, if you want to make money, you have to declare it according to your local taxes and laws. It's not that it's what I think people should do, it's just that it's the legal way to make money and business.

    I think the best way at first to monetize your game is to go on a platform like Desura, Kongregate, itch.IO ect ect... Share the revenues on the add royalties, while doing your best for promoting the platform and your game via free (or not) social network publicity.

    I won't make you a billionaire but it will helps you find bugs or gameplay mistakes, get reviews, get the buzz starting... And then eventually contact bundles gaming sellers, or try on mainstream platform like Google play and Appstore.

    I'm actually thinking of making a tutorial about the whole process, so everyone can have a good idea if they want to start their own micro studio or not.

  • You can publish your game into steam greenlight if you can publish with nodeWebKit!

    You can make achievements on steam too, search the scirra forum for "steam greenlight"

  • Hi I think this is a really good topic to develop. I for one would be very interested in a forum for sharing ideas, experience and best practice.

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