Segmented dynamic music like in X-Com Interceptor

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  • Music is something I remember the best from X-Com Interceptor. That dynamic music really brings you more in the middle of the action. However in my knowledge this method is not very often used.

    More information on the video description.

    Also here is an example how it works in practice

  • I thaught about this topic aswell and found a good Blog post on gamedevtuts. Need to look for that.

    I guess playin around with fade in and fade out, will get the Job done.

  • If I remember correctly X-Com Interceptor used .MOD/.S3M format music, a couple older formats that allowed for semi-dynamic music playback in a wide range of games in the mid-late 80's & 90's. I think the Windows version may have also had soundfont support w/ MIDI on Soundblaster's been awhile, though.

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  • I'm doing a combination of segmented music and crossfades for Courier's soundtrack. It makes a huge difference in immersion and what can be accomplished. The biggest difference is it helps the world feel more alive. I made a few demos of it in C2 to show it's perfectly doable and works nicely. Two are remixes (re-arranged then made them interactive) and one is a test track of my own.

    Donkey Kong Country Minecart

    Tracks can move anywhere at any time (some transition at the measure break, some instantly) as well as context-sensitive hits that can happen immediately.

    Zelda Midna's Desperate Hour

    The track smoothly transitions to different sections of the music based on your input. Can also dynamically add/remove the melody.

    Original test track

    Switching between different phases with transitions. Some concurrent hits, too.

    It's neat stuff and a nice way to make a big difference in the production values for your game, though it does take some more work.

  • C-7, Yes I tried Courier earlier and these demos are just sick cool

    I really have to use this technique in some project. Was thinking so many scenarios where it would fit.

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