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  • Read these before posting anything, okay? I explain some things that make this simple.

      1# For help making game itself, you must have Constructor 2 personal license. Free edition is not enough for this. 2# Anyone can give ideas. Story i write down here is just raw version, it can be edited. I do not continue story here, if many people have interested in this idea, i will make own webpage for story and progress. Game mechanism is different, tough... I won't like to change it, but i can edit it, if idea really is good. 3# If you help me, i'll remember you. At least your name. More you help, bigger piece of cake you may earn. If you just help by... like giving good name etc, i'll just put your name somewhere. Just crumb from the cake. 4# This is RPG!!! If you don't know, what RPG is, google it, seek information, and when you know, come back. Or not. Anyway, this is 100% RPG-game, like Final Fantasy. (and Mother-series. You maybe know name "Earthbound" better than Mother. It's just awesome game) 5# Game style and "Idea": This is probably what you were seeking for. Idea i had was to make different game. Different RPG. For example, if you see a fire monster, "WOAH, IT'S MAYBE FIRE!!! I'M GENIOUS!!!"- effect will trigger in your brain. And as well as enemies that you will know with one sight as enemies. I'll make difference. Enemies are made by throwing dice and using imagination to make (surrealistic?) monsters. This gives some sneak&find-out-experiment to game. How many RPG's are like this? 6# No Skype, please. I don't have good English speak and i talk like... nah, you understand. I'm able to chat. Don't forget time! My greenwich time is +2, is i live in Finland. So, for example deals with Americans would be difficult... anyway. We can still do something. 7# Ca$h? Nope. I will note give nor earn any money by this. Expect if game becomes soooo good that it's added to steam.... Then, money will be shared.

    ========================STORY TILL NOW=====================

    Knight of pixel world have just finished his adventure. He have rescued the princess after long battle. But then, suddenly strange noises start to sound and black swirl appears to sky. It grows and grows... until there is no ground under princess neither knight! They both fall and fall into darkness, to different directions. Knight tries to do something, but he starts to glitch! His hand takes painful-looking shape. He won't even realize it before his leg starts also act like maniac. Then entire body starts to glitch... screen goes black....

    When knight awakes, he looks to be in strange world. As more strange, he have become living poppy! His new adventure is to find that what makes worlds glitch and why...

    //story ends//

    So. Ideas? Gamemaker helps? I'll tell more about game mechanics, if anyone are interested in.

  • maybe you saw wranglers post maybe not.

    if no here are some infos about the game we are working on :

    The whole project is going open source after the release so stay tuned.

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  • Thank you! You helped my job a lot. I'll keep watching your game.

  • Dungeon Buster for the win! Hat's off to Burningcake and Wrangler, I'm sure it's chock full of glory day goodness and ideas

    Also, loved the Mother series. So much in fact, I nearly took it on as a first project here on C2 (Although I realized, I might want to churn out somthing a bit simpler and learn C2 prior to this grandiose scheme)

    What were you needing help on? I'd be more than willing to brainstorm or help in any way I can, hit me up.

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