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Is a circular loading screen with code ready to use. No Animation.
  • I am working on a Project making a racing game ,so I want on screen STEERING CONTROL for touch devices to control a car. I tried a lot of methods to achieve it but couldn't make it, so can any one HELP me with this PLEASE?

  • Sounds easy....so i guess there is a catch? can you be a little more detailed about what you need?

  • Sure.....My Game is a car race game for Touch screen devices, so to control a cars direction there must be a controller on the screen to control it. For that I want a controller as a steering wheel , so the player can touch it and steer the direction of the car. I tried a lot to achieve it but couldn't make it. This is my requirement. I need a Help.

  • Is this the kind of steering you are looking for?


  • Wow really really wow....but I want a single steering wheel and it has to rotate...Can you help?

    The prototype is awesome.

  • I will post a clean version for ya...with a steering wheel.

  • Thank You Thank You so much for responding.

  • I finished the file for ya....

    I got a little carried away and added more stuff than i needed to, but feel free to use any thing i added in the file.

    What i have done is that i fake the steering-wheel with invisible controls. So if you touch left or right on the steering-wheel the car will turn.

    In the demo below i have also added keyboard controls so that you can test withour a touchdevice. Use the Arrow-keys to steer, gas and brake.

    Playtest the demo here:


    Download the .capx file from here:


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  • Made a quick update.

    • Made the steeringwheel return to its inital angle when not in use.
    • Fixed the gas and break pedal so they gets pressed down even when keyboard arrows are used.
  • Wow its Amazing You are Amazing. That's so Good of You really. The prototype is showing what all I want that's really Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  • I went on giving the rotate behavior for the steering wheel and then went on manipulating the settings and the event sheet and I tried other methods too and I made My self complicated and I dint make it.

    But the event sheet You have done is simply superb and neatly arranged. Thank You for Your Patience.

  • I went on giving a rotate behavior for the steering wheel and then went on changing the settings and manipulating the events. I tried other methods too and I made my self complicated so I could not make it.

    But the events You prepared is simply superb and very very neat really.


  • Hi........I am making a car race game Like I told You before so in my game there will be a traffic in which cars and other vehicles will be there and they act as AI in the game. All the vehicles has to follow the path and if one stops rest in the back has to stop and after stopping if one vehicle takes reverse the rest in the back also has to take reverse with equal distance between them. I tried behaviors like Path finding and Line of sight to achieve this and also the functions but couldn't achieve it. Can You PLEASE HELP me with this PLEASE?

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