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  • Is there a way to have my game score show up with my own created text instead of the default game engine presets?

    So for example instead of having

    <font color=yellow>Score: 200</font> ( with this the standard text )

    It would look like this,

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Then my game score after it.

    Is there a way and if so how?

    Any help would be great!

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  • For static text (text that doesn't change, like the world "score") just make that text into a sprite and display it at the desired location. (The down side is if you get so lucky as to need a translation of your game to other languages, you'll have to make each of these new graphics. You should be so lucky, right?)

    For the dynamic text (text that changes, like the numeric score itself) it is a lot more work. I suppose you could create a sprite with the digits 0-9 and/or the letters of the alphabet. You'd have to deconstruct every number and switch the animation frames.

    IMO it would be easier to use webfonts for the dynamic text. Look and see if you find one that coordinates with your static text. (Here's a tutorial on using webfonts in C2.)

    Note: I'm assuming you are using Construct 2. I don't know enough about classic to comment on it.

  • Yes I'm using C2, and thanks heaps for your reply. I guessed as much that you would say I would need to make individual sprites for the score and to change the animation frames but that's going to be a huge job, I just thought there might be a easier way to use the text I made for in game stats, score & numbers.

    I'll go check out this webfonts your talking about now.

    Cheers again bud.

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