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  • Hi guys, so I'm making a game that has turn based (classic FF style) battles, with the player's party on the left and enemies on the right.

    I did this without much thought, but then an artist friend of mine said I needed to switch it around (party on the right and enemies on the left), saying it would feel 'wrong' otherwise.

    He claims that in classic religion and mythology the left is associated with evil, as shown in classical art and so on. I suggested it might be because in Asian countries they generally read from right-to-left.

    Either way, do you have any thoughts about whether this is important or not? And why? Thank you!

    P.S my blog has some early screenshots-


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  • I doubt there's much(if any) symbolic meaning behind which side of the screen the players appear on. After all, in later Final Fantasy Games -- such as those on the Super Nintendo -- there were back and pincer attacks, both of which changed up where on the screen the players ended up.

    Honestly, it's just a matter of convention at this point. Because of this, some folks might find it odd to see the player on the opposite side they would expect, though I wouldn't worry about it. If a lot of people start commenting on it, then you might have a problem, but I see no harm in leaving it as is for now.

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