How to Rotate 4 Object at Once in a Same Center Point

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  • Helo guys, i am new in here and just try to learn construct 2 in last 2 weeks. I am now try to make a color puzzle game which need to match color ball that thrown from outside to the center of the circle. I think someone ever made this game but i forgot what is the name.

    But, i have some trouble when i want to rotate the circle. I have searching in this forum and google but didn't find anything helps.

    I want every tick the circle is rotating slowly, but this circle is made by 4 different sprite for different color (check the image).

    See, there's 4 different sprite, let's say red,green,blue,orange. So what i need is all the sprite rotating like one circle (not a part of sprite). So the circle gonna be look rotating smoothly.

    I use 4 sprite to make one circle is because i need to check the color match. So when a ball is thrown to the circle, if the color is match with the part of sprite that hit by the ball, i'll add a point, but if not i'll subtract the point.

    So, how to do that sir? i have try with behavior but didn't work. Or just i don't know how to use the behavior properly.

    Please sir help me with this one.


  • You also need to check if the hit is inside the circle, I made a capx, you may need to adjust the overlays because they are not perfectly aligned:!AmpYYe_4LYiN0SsPmh_wjhhaqRGM

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  • You could make an entire circle sprite, and check the angle of it on collision. between 0-90 - red. 90-180 - green etc...

  • You could cheat by aligning every Origin image point at the exact center of the circle, group all those sprites into a family and call it Wheel, then a simple event:

    Every Tick - Rotate family Wheel X degrees clockwise/counter clockwise

    If the sprites aligned perfectly and their image points are all in the exact middle of the composed circle, it should rotate smoothly as if it's a single sprite.

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