What a rolling physics platformer needs?

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Everything is made via physics, Very simple code: 6 events only (3 for tank creation, 2 for controls and 1 for camera)
  • I've made puzzles out of physics objects in a level.

    What else I need?

  • Somebody's there?

    Naji - Do you like physics puzzles?

  • Actually Physics Puzzles is one of my favorite games. I play puzzle games alot and especially with physics!

    What kind of game you need?

  • Naji - See the title of this thread, it says "What a rolling physics platformer needs?".

  • Ofcourse it will need physics and alot of obstacles and a wheel would be nice, and rotation and some cool effects !

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  • Naji - Nice idea, I'm actually just made rotating platforms which can be activated by a switch. Also, enemies, crates and pits are the best obstacles for me and being also implemented. There anyone else have an idea for a physics platformer?

    alextro, , sqiddster - How about you 3?

  • What it needs most are your creative ideas

  • Thanks,

  • Physics games are fun, and they usually rely more on coding than art, so you're really smart to go that route as an indie. So kudos on that.

    What I would say, is try to give it a unique spin as far as style goes, and have some unique game play elements that compliment that.

    For example, if your rolling object is a round, fat cat, maybe you have mice running around, and you have to synchronize the cat's mouth position during the roll so when it rolls past the mice, the mouth lines up with the mouse so the cat can gobble up the mouse.

    That same mechanic might not make any sense if you used a different theme, but then there might be something else interesting you could come up with.

    So, I'd have to ask: Can you tell us more about your theme?

  • Good example for what you are looking for would be: circloO


    I'm not familiar with physics, so I'd rather pseudo/fake physics to simulate physical interactions.

    If you ask me an idea, maybe a droid ball that can transform into something else with extra ability like drilling.

  • MVG - Do you play my game, Perry the Explorer Alien on Scirra Arcade (check my profile for the link)? The game will feature the alien which tuns himself into a ball and the theme is a kind of like in a half-futuristic village (I think ).

  • Thanks for the direction,

    I found the link, although for some reason the game isn't starting. I see the theme you're after though!

    Maybe you could make small planets (that just partially fill the screen: think the little prince) that the alien can roll on? And the rolling itself affects the angular momentum of the whole planet. That would be pretty fun.

  • MVG - Thanks for the idea, but I want my game similar to Night Sky (a pseudo hybrid between Night Sky and Mario Bros./DKC/Megaman/any popular platformers).

    I've made and almost finishing the tutorial level.

  • Sounds cool,

    Sorry I don't have any more ideas beyond usual stuff (springs, teleporters, traps, etc.)

    Good luck!

  • - I've referenced you ages ago, do you have an idea for a nice platformer?

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