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  • I want to make a tower defense game where you control the enemies trying to reach the end. Similar to a normal tower defense game you would choose the characters that you would want to try to get to the end. If anyone can help me get started I would be very thankful. An example of a similar game would be "Villainous".

  • What level of control over the enemies to you want to give?

  • What level of control over the enemies to you want to give?

    The enemies are the turrets that that are trying to destroy the characters trying to get to the end. You would decide what kind of character you would want to send in a wave. They would do different things and cost different amounts of in-game money.

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  • use the turret template... Remove the turrent moving controls when you touch the wall....

    Use a touch event to spawn a "enemy object" where you want them to spawn... you could create objects that give options to where you can spawn them...

    they will move towards the target and you can place turrets to create the levels..

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