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  • Hi guys

    Couple of months ago I put up a page/post for making the Free Template requests that you guys have requested and since then I have made about +15 of them.

    My Post:

    Some were good the others not so much, But I had fun working on these projects and really enjoyed helping out those I could.

    But I think I missed judged the time that it required to make these templates(Most take over 20 hours, even 100 hours. Yes I love to spend 12 hours straight programming the night away and into the early mornings). You see the thing is that I literally don't have enough time to make these templates continuously so some people will have to wait months before I can even take a look at the projects.

    So why is this story in the Game Development, Design & Ideas section?

    Well I am still going to make templates for you guys, But it has to be much smaller then like: Zelda or an entire game(that you will probably just slap some graphics on and sell ,LOL). This was suppose to be small templates like basic behaviour/ laser line-of-sight.

    You can still make requests,but keep them small. and don't forget to rate and comment.(not looking for gratitude or anything but will be nice to receive a * for 50 hours of work, I feel used and abused, lol it rhymes)

    Some of the older requests will be completed, other(10000+ hour projects) will delayed for a long time.

    *Request will be completed in different times and in a different order then requested(fun ones first)*

    Thank You

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  • Hi Reuben are you still working on my zelda template?

  • Hi Reuben are you still working on my zelda template?

    Yes but I am taking a small break and helping out on some smaller templates.

  • Oh ok

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