Is it reasonable to make action game in C2 in 1080

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  • I want to use node-webkit for my game, and give layer option to full screen. Do you guys think it it reasonable? I know that even if I would make a game in 720, if it's full screen on 1080 screen It will be displayed as such.

  • Depends on the type of game, how many objects you want onscreen at once, texture resolution, etc. Very hard to say.

  • Well, I'm making an arena based horde mode game. So there is a lot that is going to be quite a bit happening on the screen.

  • No more than what every other developer has to face with or without C2.

    Since your going the way of PC then I really don't see much concern. Just keep watching your FPS and test often like every designer.

  • Yeah, but i'm finding that frames tend to drop sometimes randomly with C2.

  • Are you using pixel art? If so, you can make the game at a small resolution and enlarge it with little lose of resolution.

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  • You should just run benchmarks on a wide range of computer configurations. In the current state of things, your game will still render virtually at 1080p on lower resolutions. Shaders could also cause big caveats, as they will treat pixels on screen. You can always have parameters to deactivate those though.

    And be wary of the kind of computers your target audience have. Casual gamers are more likely to have slower computers for example.

    In all honesty, after a couple of months working on c2 with an engineer specialized in web technologies, I wouldn't go anymore for complex games with dense visuals. At least until more users get better hardware and/or the engine proposes several more rendering optimizations (like rendering the game at a lower resolution/some mip mapping system ?, and rendering shaders at the game resolution, if these can be implemented in a sprite engine).

    Good luck,


  • I don't really have much chance of benchmarking on many pc's. I was going to ask few friends but they all have beefy pc's.

    I'm not going for casual market. I'm actually going for hardcore people. I do hope that c2 would soon introduce res change. But I don't really have choice with this project atm. And if I remember correctly it doesn't matter if sprites are high or low res, when it's rendered full screen it's being rendered as currently used res.

  • And if I remember correctly it doesn't matter if sprites are high or low res, when it's rendered full screen it's being rendered as currently used res.

    Yes. In your case, I'd go for a safe route then. If it's for desktop only, anything around 720 should work properly.

  • Would say so too.

    Even the most movies aren?t Full-HD-1080, so peoples eyes will be welcome with 720 :)

  • But 720 upscale to 1080 will still be rendered as it would be 1080. What about down scaling? From what I've experienced in construct it is that if I shrink the picture application performs much better.

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