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  • I'm thinking I'd really like to make a game or three, albeit primitive ones, in under five hours. I just like that turn around in result as it's encouraging. It's just such games might largely be a story with one or two choices and those would be in regards to getting game money or such or helping someone in the story. Probably only three or four screens. Then popping that on scirra arcade or even there and on kongregate. And I wonder if that's a bit simple - so I thought as I'm going to do it anyway, I'd write down my intention to see if it really causes gnashing of teeth and protestations that eyes would bleed - sufficiently to make me think otherwise of doing it. Or if people just shrug, that's fine and I needn't have worried. I'll give a link in the game(s) to this post in that case to show my design philosophy. I just felt like I needed to sound it out here in this forum first.

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  • Hey Hey Hey, I was talking to one of my people the other day and we want to make a game like this, Reckon you could help out?

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