How would you rate an explosion?

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  • I'm developing an idea for a new game and attempting to has out the rules for the game. I have a really subjective question that I need to answer though, so I'm trying to get input from as many people as possible.

    Simply put, if you were to blow up an object, say a house or a tree, with a small explosive, like TNT, how would you rate that explosion? What would constitute a poor explosion vs. an awesome explosion? Why would you rate it differently?

  • Strange question... ask Michael Bay...

  • I'd think of several factors as to what constitutes small or large explosions. Destructive force against objects of varying mass will create different explosions because of varying densities. Depending on the object exploding, I'd consider an awesome explosion to be akin to a chain reaction. For example, if the player were to put several C4 blocks on critical points in a structure as to force a chain reaction of adjoining facilities. A poor explosion would be that same scenario and each building and facility only puffing out a trail of smoke and a 'sss' sound before vanishing from the screen.

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  • I would expect your game would generate the same animation of an explosion each time a player made one.

    All other factors are what should be detectable. How I might do it:

    Give points for good placement.

    And points for what was used to make the explosion. (like engulfing more explosive fuel.)

    Give points to more than one explosion animation touching. (if they touch, they could merge into a larger one.)

    Give points to the amount of destruction done. (count the flying bits?)

    If simultaneous explosions around the screen count as part of the one, add them up to see much screen they all took up.

    Maybe it had factors that took points away too, how much they overlap structures that don't take damage, or

    other hampering events, like rain, shields, or the repair-ability of what got blown up..

    Your scenario might have other factors to give points for as well.

  • spacedoubt I tried to contact Mr. Bay, as he is the explosion king, but was unavailable. Maybe next week.

    inquiesco and Paradox, I really appreciate the input. It gives me something to chew on. I haven't written any kind of design document yet. I'm tossing ideas around before I put pen to paper and start hashing things out more.

  • mepis No worries, good luck with development! Look forward to seeing game progress in the Works in Progress forum.

  • The more property damage caused, the better the explosion.

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