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  • Just a few weeks ago we started with the development of our next release "Randy Run", a platform game with a fun story that we hope you had fun in a big way. Its history focuses on an island inhabited by Fairies, and in which also lives a young man named Randy. On the island there is a great treasure that the Fairies have protected for years. But one fateful day, an evil pirate named "Captain Boo", arrives at the island and tries to seize the treasure. Many of the Fairies are locked up in cages by this evil pirate, but some get away and go in search of Rany to ask for help and stop Captain Boo's plans to keep the treasure safe again.


    Since our previous release in December 2016, Marshall Designs has undergone several changes and some of our members have left the studio. This next release we want it to be something new and different from the rest, with a much more professional aspect, although it is already what we always try to do with each new project. That is why we need your collaboration, your help is indispensable to make our study grow.


    That's why we opened this little campaign, in order to raise funds for the development of Randy Run. The funds will go largely to the promotion of the project once it has been sent to the Google App Store. This is a very important factor when this launch makes a difference compared to previous projects we have done. We want to reach as many users as possible, to fulfill our continuous and objective dream, which is none other than to amuse the players.


    If you have decided and want to collaborate, click on the link below to make a donation. Thank you very much!


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