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  • Hello everyone,

    what would you think of a random card game ? Something like a rogue-like card game..

    What I have in mind is a game based on Triple Triad rules (card game from FF8) but with the game board generated randomly as well as the cards.

    Of course, it would be a controlled random. The board would be 5 x 4 spots, some of them inaccessible (like a crossword grid, but with few black cases)

    For the cards, the 4 values (top, bottom, left and right) could be something like the sum of 2 dices (so from 2 to 12).. Why the sum ? To have a nice average of stats (mainly between 5 and 9, rarely extreme : 2,3 and 11,12...)

    Each game would then be different from the previous one, and the player has to adapt his way of playing based on his hand..

    Each victory gives the winner a reward, this one wouldn't impact the further games...

    Any remarks ?


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