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  • Hello,

    I had a few questions about construct 2 and came here hopefully to seek answers. The project I'm planning on undertaking is a sort of remake, one of the features I wanted to implement was a sort of legacy mode(think like halo anniversary titles and their then and now sort of thing). I wanted to have an option in the in-game menu to be able to switch between legacy and remastered sound/music. would something like this be doable in construct or am I better off dedicating my time and resources to something else in the project.

    Also, I was wondering if .SPC sound files work in construct?


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  • The legacy mode could be easily implemented by making sure both sets of graphic and audio files exist in your project, and use a boolean variable to toggle the 2 types. You would just then need an 'If boolean = legacy' then use gfx set 1 and audio set 1.

    You can easily try some prototyping using the free version.

    Using .SPC (is it SNES audio?) would require a plugin to be created, similar in principle to what Gigatron did for amiga audio - LINK here if interested.

    Otherwise, you would need to convert them yourself.

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