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  • Right now, I have the project at 720x408. Would this be an acceptable size? I'm just wondering if some people might want it bigger, or smaller, or something else. Here's an idea of what it looks like:



    720x408 is pretty close to the widescreen resolution of 720x480. Should I change it to that, or this good enough as it is? Should I have a different aspect ratio? Different anything? Is it weird somehow? Or is this fine, and leave it be?

  • Hey Kisai,

    I remember going through a similar issue and ended up having to redo alot of work because I changed my mind.

    What you should be considering more than anything is: Where is this game going to go? If your targeting the Scirra Arcade then you can find details on the preferred resolution (sorry I dont know it off the top of my head).

    800x600 is pretty safe for places like Kongregate.

    1024x 768 (at least) for Chrome web store. But they also like it go bigger as well.

    If its for mobile then its probably worth digging through the forum for as much info you can find (there is a fair amount on here already).

    Hope that helps.

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  • Games on the web can technically be any size. Though if you're going to make it fullscreen it is best to have it follow the standard aspect ratios. I've seen lots of weirdly size flash games in my time, none which seemed to ruin or change anything, I mean some games just need to be shaped oddly.

  • Um... None of those, really. ^^; I'm making this with Classic Construct.

    And, yeah, you see the window size of that pause screen, the location of the options, and that help window? I've had to rearrange and resize all that more than once because I changed my mind too. ^_~

    And I kinda want a 16:9 resolution. ^^;; I've always liked that over 4:3 if given the choice.

  • Hmm, most ideal is to work on multiple aspect ratio choices if you're going to give an option for fullscreen then!

    Did you accidentally use 408 instead of 480? :p

  • Considering my first post, no. ^_~ But I am tempted to do that, just to have a more "regular" resolution.

    I actually got this from taking the PSP's screen resolution, and multiplying it by 1.5. 480x272. Interestingly, the Vita would later come out, and have a resolution that exactly doubled the PSP's: 960x544. So my project's resolution now fits right in-between those two.

    And I wouldn't mind having an option for fullscreen mode, if it could handle it without breaking. ;_;

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