A Question to Developers about Fonts

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  • I feel like asking this because I'm personally having a problem with it, but how do you (if you are a developer) and maybe other developers approach fonts for their game(s) and how they decide to make it look a certain way, or even what specific areas to put it and why? Is there specific process that is used to determine what kind of font would fit with the style and aesthetic of the game? Or is it simpler than that, where it doesn't really matter, or good to simply use the most available / free / 'good-looking' font?

    I personally want to know since I am making a project of my own, but I'm also just curious about how developers in general approach this since it isn't commonly mentioned at all.

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  • Personally I'd prefer to use an 'ugly' font and get a project finished rather than spend development hours on trying to get a perfect font and maybe use up all the hours and not complete the project.

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