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  • I hope this idea hasn't been done before, let me know if you recognise it because I feel like it's probably been done.

    • Side-scrolling puzzle platformer (although there isn't much jumping involved)
    • Room-based
    • When stood idle in a room, time continues, switching between day/night affecting objects in the level
    • When time continues the weather conditions also change, so wind, snow, sun affects objects in the level
    • Time of day and weather also affect the player
    • Objective is to drag, use objects in a certain way during the right conditions

    i.e. snow is blocking you, you simply stand idle until it changes to sunny day and melts and lets you through.

    you can't move when it's windy. wait for rain to fill up a well that allows an item to float to the top and you can drag it.

    Maybe this has been done before?

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  • I did't play something like that yet. Not going to easy to set up. The logic tree gonna be big and deep.

  • 99Instances2Go Aye, in my mind it's fairly simple though I hope. Weather rotates every X seconds, you can practically wait for it to change, then everything just has a variable attached. More concerned about possible wind physics if I decide to include that, and also how much depth it should have. May have to stick to a strict number of gameplay hours. I'm imagining some promising ideas though, such as you plant a seed and wait, it rains and then it's sunny, you can watch it grow and collect it for in-game coins or something, but watch out for the snow cycle as it just kills all the plants so you will need to wait again. I'll probs start off very simple and then see if it expands into needing the inclusion of characters that want items and such, like quests, or if it's just a linear puzzle game. Second one is a lot simpler, kinda like Limbo where you just walk through the game. First ideas would have some adventuring, quests and would be a lot more detailed and it might not need that. I also thought of what would happen when you go between areas and maybe yes some puzzles would need you to cross a few rooms at once. A key gameplay idea is going to be how it affects the player too, I thought windy means he flies away and you 'die' so he has to be grabbing something, adds some urgency, or perhaps it doesn't affect the player at all and only things around you. So much balance will be needed!

  • There are a lot of farmer games. But i did not take it as a farmer game from your first post. More as a puzzle. With things only solvable on the right time and visual clues (the weather) when it is the right time. Both in positive way ( there are things that you only can do when it snows) as in a negative way (some things are not allowed when it snows).

    Now that tree would be deep. And certainly interesting.

    2 (day/night) * 4 (weather conditions) * 20 (say 20 objects) + 2 (day/night) * 4 (weather conditions) * 20 (say 20 combination of objects)

    That is what i (personally) got from your first post.

  • Yeah, I'd probably have to take out the day/night divide and focus on the weather only. I was thinking night could be useful for stealth but that adds a whole new element to the game. Yeah it's not a farming game, a side-scrolling puzzle platformer, but not much in the way of jumping. One of the ideas I had was where you had to get a penguin across some volcanic lava area, so you have to wait for the snow to come, freeze the lava, then you wave some fish at the right time to signal for the penguin to cross. The downside to this would be the snow now freezes over some gaps so you have to wait for them to melt, and at the same time you need to get the penguin to a safe point in case it changes to wind and blows him away! That kind of insane puzzle idea.

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