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  • Hi there! These days i'm more like drawing than anything else, i would like to share this idea i've been working on my head for some time.

    I'm a real fan of pokemon, and pokemon shuffle is one of the game im playing right now.

    I think people understimate the mechanics of this game, i would love to see a competitive game with these mechanics.

    Now i made a mock up mixing two of my favourites games, Dota and Pokemon.

    This is the first i made, it's Sven

    A sketch i made fast so i could make another chess for the mix. (Ogre magi)

    And this is the result, i made the Hud, added a Power Up Bar for ultimates abilities. The background is a random image from google with some minor tweaks on Illustrator, i also made Gold Rune as in Dota so i could fill the board a little more.

    Wood and Blocks are from pokemon shuffle, i couldnt find them in hi res so i vectorised them fast.

    Hope you like the idea!

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