How many projects simultaneously?

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  • I would like to ask you about this... According to your experience, what do you think is better: one project, 2, 3...? And how many projects are you developing just now?

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  • We all work differently, myself, active work on one project at a time, but have drawn up plans and ideas for later projects down the road.

  • Prefer Working on multiple projects.

    Trick is to set milestones else you will never finish any of them. lol

    I prefer working on many things, it mixes things up a bit and keeps one motivated.

    Construct 2 projects: Currently working on 3 long term, and 2 short term projects.

  • I like to keep a few projects running at a time.

    One reason is to take a break when it starts to drag and just try something new and light so it doesn't get tedious this can be a bit like brain storming where you just go with the flow and see what happens.

    Another is that lots of problems with game mechanics can be solved faster individually rather than in a large project. This way lots of little projects can come together and get to really shine as part of a larger project combining these elements.

  • Doesn't matter how many you have when you're still learning the program, but for me now I focus on finishing 1 project at a time (and a weekend hobby game :p).

  • Just make sure you actually finish what you start

  • I have 3 very little and easy games and one more complex non-game project running at the moment.

    Don´t work alone btw, that also helps to keep you encouraged.

  • One main and some prototypes and trying stuff here and there.

  • I learned to stick to one project

  • I do one project at a time but outside of it I'm doing art, music and writing to keep imagination going.

  • i work from 9 am to 6 pm so i only have one little proyect in which im learning step by step n_n

  • I just do one at a time.

    For game jams, I stopped development on my main one until the game jam is completed.

    Though I heard some people do two projects simultaneously to keep their motivation up.

    I don't know how that works, but each to his own.

  • Slowly working on one project. Unfortunately in the meantime I get ideas for other projects (at this moment there's six of them) and sometimes it gets difficult to focus.

  • Same as Silverforce, I have a list with a few game ideas and I just take them one at a time. I'm on my first game at the moment..

  • Thank everyone!

    Now I'm feeling the problem (or difficulty) is to maintance the focus only in one project, so I'm working in one long time project and in 2 short projects. I know how many important is to finish the projects and to have reasonables deadlines. Also because I'm learning just now and I need time because today I think I'm doing something right but tomorrow I'll kick myself (I don't now if this expression in english mean as in spanish: me tiraré de los pelos... )

    Anyway I'm happy to know what do you thinks about

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