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  • I am creating a game with Construct 2, but I'm limited by the free license. Someone like my project can help me with the purchase of a license or help in the development, I stopped because I can only linceça free.

    The game blog:


    Update 0.0.23

    • Add picaretas de Madeira, Pedra, Ferro, Ouro, Diamante e Titânio
    • Add Varas
    • Mudança no craft da Escada
    • Efeitos Visuais adicionados
    • Criação da Logo do Jogo.
    • Add Facebook Fan Page


    • Add Pick Wood, Pick Stone, Pick Iron, Pick Gold, Pick Diamond and Pick Titanium
    • Add sticks
    • Changing the craft ladder
    • Visual effects added
    • Logo of the Game.
    • Add Facebook Fan Page
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  • I need help to continue my project because I do not have a license and I am unable to buy. Who help me button your perpetual advertising in the game.

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