Project developed with Construct 2 for AirConsole

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  • The "Mr.Nut" already announced a few days ago, the project will be sent to the development department AirConsole in the coming days, and if all goes well, hopefully in November, users can play.

    I have been working on the options the "controller" of AirConsole can offer and Construct2 can achieve great and fun projects for this initiative is AirConsole.

    "Mr.Nut" was actually being developed for Android, so this is a version adapted for AirConsole.

    After completing the development of "Mr.Nut" comenzare a multiplayer AirConsole project.

    Informs them when the project is available to play.

    Greetings, thank you for your atention.

  • this looks awesome, i was actually interested how you made the controls to work with airconsole? does it work with game-pad plugin? or you have some sort of custom plugin inside? and if so can you share the details on how to make it work?

  • You need to have basic knowledge in HTML and have enough experience in handling Construct2 to make the project AirConsole functional.

    My work was done thanks to the information I found in this post: plugin-airconsole-local-multiplayer-for-your-game_t167377

    The information detailed in the post about the "Controller.html" is to be used in Construct2.

    Each project is different, so there is no way to explain in an exact tutorial how to adapt Construct2 controls, since each project will use the controls that the developer chooses.

    It is easier than it seems, if you have knowledge in HTML and controls Construct2 at an average level, you will not have problems in developing content for AirConsolo.

    I guess eventually add some kind of plugin for Construct2 that in addition to existing features, allows us to develop the "GamePad" used Construct2.

    You can find more information about my projects on my Facebook page:

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  • marshalldesigns thanks yea i found that after i posted the quesiton on this thread, was to lasy to delete it. Thanks its actually easy, and also they have an addon.

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