What programs do you use when designing graphics?

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  • Hello!

    So, many aspects work together to form a successful games. One of them is graphics of course. When looking around on previous Construct 2-made games I see many different themes/styles and they all look awesome .

    My questions is how the different styles are being made? Which software is being used?


  • As they say the artist make the tool, there are lots of different software you can use to get the same result (or similar). The most common I see on the forums here are:






    -Graphics Gale





    Off the top of my head those are the ones I can recall and they are all very powerful tools if you know how to use them, it all comes down to how you work presonally, some people like the interface and hotkeys of Gimp, some prefer Photoshop, personally I use Paint.NET, it's simple and easy to use and I mostly work with pixelart so it was a sure match for me.

    You should try them all, most of them are free or very cheap (except PhotoShop).

  • -InkScape





    -Graphics Gale

    You forgot Illustrator, Animatron, SpriterPro,Spine etc

    basically any software that lets u ease your work and your comfortable with it

  • I use a free pixel art website called http://make8bitart.com/ it isn't great but it's good enough for pixel art. These are some images i drew with it.

  • >

    > -InkScape

    > -Photoshop

    > -Paint.NET

    > -Gimp

    > -PyxelEdit

    > -Graphics Gale



    You forgot Illustrator, Animatron, SpriterPro,Spine etc

    basically any software that lets u ease your work and your comfortable with it

    Yeah those were just the ones I recalled from the top of my head, I'll add the ones you listed, thanks!

  • Just to add to the discussion a bit, GIMP is kind of like the free version of photoshop. I don't think it's quite as good, but for about 95% of the things you can do in PS, you can also do in GIMP to some extent. So it's a nice, free alternative.

    I'll also say as a GraphicsGale user that it's decent, but the UI could use improvement. It feels like an outdated program when I open it up, and the process of creating transparent backgrounds in images is like pulling teeth (In fact, I've found putting it on GIMP and deleting the background is a lot faster). Once again though, it's free, so if you can deal with the quirks, it's hard to go wrong with the ones I mentioned and frankly most graphics programs.

  • I use photoshop because I am used to it (probably wouldn't recommend it if you don't have some prev experience with it).

    For pixel animations/touch ups though I have actually started to use C2 itself and am pretty happy with the workflow.

  • Im actually just using photoshop, and a oudated version (CS4) because I like the layout and positioning of the menus much more.

    The PNG/JPG export is an issue, so TinyPNG / TinyJPG are recommended.

    Besides that - nothing actually - maybe a few old and really weird pixel art editors. For pattern making I sometimes go as far as to edit a tileset in TileD first and then export it as picture to continue working on it in photoshop.

  • Check out Blender https://www.blender.org/

    In the time it takes me to do 1 crappy pixel art frame, I can make a 3D model and take shots of any angle i want.

    Be sure to investigate toon rendering, and toon shaders. You can make cartoon characters really easy.:


    https://www.blender.org/manual/render/p ... edges.html

    You can also do some awesome Pixel art with it:

    http://www.cgchannel.com/2015/02/this-f ... pixel-art/

    You can also use Freestyle rendering engine from inside blender now!


    If you want to make a tileset, you dont need to pay the a--holes at Tiled, just use Image magic.


    make sure they are sequentially named and then use this command from inside the images folder:

    montage -geometry 256x256+0+0 -background transparent *.png SpriteSheet.png

    You can save that command in a text file, and rename the file to *.bat or *.cmd so you do not have to type it every time.

    Change the 256x256 with your tiles dimensions, and the +0+0 change to the amount of padding you want around the images.

    Blender will render to C:\tmp, you can do the command there. Construct 2 can import from frames as well, and it makes the tilesheet automatically on export.

    Have fun!

  • jojoe Wow. Too bad I never really got #Blender to work for me, but I have #Daz3d and #MangaStudio, so this confirms a 2D Sprite sheet idea I had; however, I find it easy to draw than mess with rigs. I just tried a manual conversion below--

    Here's the list from Ludam Dare


    "Ase Sprite" had been my favorite so far. Tell me what you think <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

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  • Hey! That looks really great!

    Here are a couple of others:


    Make human:


    You can use this service to auto-rig them.


    You get the first 10 for free, then you have to make a new account to get more.(Or pay to extend the account)

    Unity has an auto-rig feature But you would have to buy a FBX or collada exporter to get them into Blender or some other 3D app.

    Google "Free BVH" to find thousands of free motion captured animations, you can import into Blender.

    It really is great to learn Blender. It is hard for everyone at first. If you stick with it though it really can pay off. It took me about 1 week before I could use Blender without a hotkey cheat-sheet.

    If you are new to 3D in general, a good place to start is Wings 3D:


    Choose a selection method (Face,Edge,Vertex), then right-click to see all of you possibilities! A few minutes you will understand Scale, rotate, extrude, translate (move), etc.

  • jojoe nice list!

    This is a cool thread with various people talking about their fav art programs as well as people showcasing some art. I like the idea to combine both.

    Attached is my newest deviation, the background for my (WIP) online card battle game: Gods & Minions

    Thats OGA stuff combined with my own art and a background image by one of my friends

  • Looks Great Fhizban! I like how spaced out things are, and the nice big buttons. I bet your game will be a hit.

  • Photoshop and illustrator for me

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