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  • Hey there,

    I have a question. Is it possible to make a game like this >>

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    with construct2, concerning it's CPU capability.

    I'm just curious, cause im working on quiet a big game for pc, in which i have compressed all the animations and pictures to the absolute minimum to not exceed too high memory-use. Resolution of my game is 1920x1080.

    There are many characters and all of them got at least 4 animations with 10 to 15 frames, each frame around 15 to 20 kb with a size around 150 in Width and 300 in height. I already made a lot of content and just reached the 900 mb memory-use-mark. Now i created maybe half of my games content, and im really worrying if c2 can handle another gb of content. How is it possible that a game like shown above (youtube-link), has such smooth animations and high resolutions runnning so smooth and i'm already struggling with memory usage, even if i crop every single frame of every animation, and make it fit perfectly, before importing into c2.

    Of course i'm aware that this is a big title with many professional people involved, but i'm just talking about the common capability of using more objects or make smoother animations.

    I'm also using spriter, in which the animations of course look very smooth , but in the end i have to export them to 10 or 15 frames. Even though it still looks good, i wish i could use more frames to make it look that smooth like in the link.

    Am i missing something? Are there any tricks to accomplish something like this with c2 in terms of memory-use and cpu?

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  • * moved as not relevant to 'How Do I' section. More appropriate for Game discussion section.

  • i doubt that what you have shown there is a browser/javascript game and there is also your answer, such games arent programmed in javascript.

  • It was made in Unity

    The Company is really small and based in Vienna (patriotic tears of joy) and it took them 4 years to make.

    When you look into Wikipedia - more often than not you will see wich game engine they have used.

  • You say you are using Spriter and are exporting the animation frames, which results in hundreds of frames, but what you need to do is import the actual Spriter file into C2. That way you only import the parts that make up your sprite and the animation data, not all the frames for each animation. Just look for some Spriter tutorials on their site, I'm sure you'll find something that will help.

  • PulvererPeter - Have you played Airscape: The Fall of Gravity, The Next Penelope or Cosmochoria (not played this yet...)?

    I'm sure those are really professional in every aspects.

  • Possibly.

    I say that because I don't think that there's been a professional team of Videogame Devs of THAT caliber that has used C2 to it's fullest ability.

    Also, as Tetriser has mentioned, there are games that have been produced quite professionally nonetheless by C2.

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