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    Hey Everyone!

    The project is a platformer with melee and ranged combat. The world is a sandbox world with a play-style similar to Zelda, Flashback and Supermetroid, to name a few influences. Different items and abilities allow you to cross to the next location or achieve a certain objective. The player is able to go back to a previously explored location and unlock secrets based on new abilities learned.

    -Melee Combat

    -Ranged Combat




    -Open World

    The player will begin the game with only melee weapons (fists to begin with) and gradually progress to ranged weapons such as a crossbow or a pistol. They will also acquire abilities. For example, one ability is a bomb that can explode rocks which bar your way. It can also be used as a weapon to damage enemies.

    You will be able to swim in the game once you acquire a Snorkel but this will leave you with only 8 seconds of breath, a limitation you can counter once you acquire the Scooba Gear ability, allowing you remain submerged indefinitely.

    -Underground Dungeon

    -Above Ground Countryside


    -Great Ocean


    The game features an underground dungeon, an above ground country side, a mountainous region, a great ocean where a giant sea creature dwells (and you can go inside it!), a big city divided into a poor section and rich corporate section and an alien space ship. Each location is interconnected and contains many puzzles which can be solved by acquiring items, new abilities or finding clues.

    NPC's will talk to you and give you quests to achieve. Enemies will try to stomp you, bite you or shoot you!

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  • looks good... and massive. all in one layout, u said?

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