premade stage VS randomly generated map

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  • I'm making a little puzzle game, Soul Lantern, for mobile environment. Instead of making each level, I made map generating logic and now puzzle is randomly generated. My concept for this game is that you wander the world to collect soul, so I thought it matches with the theme, because you won't know what you'll face. By the way, some of players sent reply to me that premade stage would be better for this game. What do you think? Which one would be better?

  • To be honest I enjoy the randomness of it. I don't think it needs anything premade. :)

  • Random level design VS Static is dependant on two things, how you develop the game and what you are trying to acheive.

    A more visual person would have an easier time making a Static and add things to it. Someone who wants simplicity and manually edited difficulty would also do these things.

    Having a random world means that you expect replayability. Sure a static world would have replayability, but that isn't the focus of many those games (and static games usually have easter eggs, sidequests and secrets to unlock too) Random worlds also require troubleshooting, tons of code, and more effort than just placing objects.

    For a puzzle game like yours, replayability is key; however, while playing the game there were some maps you couldn't possibly finish 100%. I also went in blind and had no clue what I was doing, which for a simple puzzle game says a lot. (Had to read instructions, mechanics are weird)

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  • Yep , In your case shuffling the array won't do a lot , you might need to make an AI that will test your levels to be sure they are beatable , or you could place some random lamps , and place houses and towers around their radiua of light , and then randomize the rest of the array


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