Is it possible to make a game using Phonegap?

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  • I am planning to make a mobile game using Phonegap. I have been doing some research and even playing around with a few sample javascript games and porting them to . After playing around with the samples, I have noticed that performance is a huge factor when developing games using javascript DOM elements and CSS. All sample games I tried lagged when I ported them in Phonegap.

    If you feel Phonegap is not the best way to accomplish this, please suggest something similar that would allow me to use web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript but still allow me to create native games.

  • alisnikol

    The currently recommended wrappers are:

    CocoonJS (iOS/Android)

    Crosswalk (Android)

    Ejecta (iOS)

    If you do a search of the forums and tutorials you should find information on using them.

    It's been said that Phonegap should be viable with iOS 8 and Android L

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  • Hello ! First apologize for my English.

    I'm using cocoonjs. I'm having trouble signing in and zipalign android. Perform the entire procedure as many tutorials following the commands below:

    keytool -genkey -keystore -v C: \ Android \ myapp.keystore -alias myapp -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

    jarsigner -verbose -keystore C: \ Android \ myapp.keystore C: \ Android \ myapp.apk myapp

    zipalign -v 4 C: \ Android \ myapp.apk C: \ Android \ myapp2.apk

    Even following the steps correctly when I try to install the .apk on a smartphone the message "Application not installed".

    The debug .apk the Ludei site offers functions normally but can not send him to the googleplay.

    Anyone know where I can be wrong?

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