Is it possible to make a game like Hollow Knight using Construct?

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  • I am specifically talking about the effects used in the game as I know the platforming/combat and animations are run off the mill stuff.

    For instance, the visuals in the game are stunning. There is a long depth of field and different blur settings used on different layers to simulate depth. Also, the lighting is pretty great for a 2D game too.

    Is all this sort of stuff possible with Construct?

    I have only been creating pixel art platformers until now so am unsure.


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  • Definitely. There's nothing technically amazing there, it's just a basic paralax. The looks make it seem more than it is. :)

  • Yes I think Construct could do all of that. Construct can do parallax really easily, a particle system, lots of effects like blur, distortion, vignette, blending, color adjustments, etc. Construct also has a surprisingly good audio system which has 3D positional audio, real-time filtering (low pass, high pass, etc.) and reverb.

    It really all just depends on whether you have the skill and time to complete a project like Hollow Knight.

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